Welcome to my blog, I'm really happy that you are here!

My name is Anniina Kotiranta, I came up with Anniina’skitchen because I wanted to show everything what vegan food can be and share my tips & recipes with you!
All my recipes are 100% vegan but of course for everyone whether you are omnivore, vegan or something in between!

I live in Ylöjärvi next to Tampere (Finland) in a row house with a big kitchen, I’m a real estate agent and i also create recipes, shoot food, arrange cooking courses and plenty of more, cooking is also my way to relax and forget work stuff.
I’ve always loved food and cooking and hopefully someday I can work only among food, getting there.
I’ve been vegan since 2017 and before that i was vegetarian for long time, I love to cook with fresh seasonal ingredients and that’s where i get most of my inspiration from.
My favorite food is vegan sushi, pizza and dumplings, that pretty much gives away my favorite cuisines, I just can’t get enough of Italian and Asian food!

My goal is to inspire people to eat more veggies & plant-based food and to see that it’s delicious and can be really easy to make!
From my blog you will find recipes from savory to sweet, using seasonal veggies and fruits.
I really hope you will try my recipes and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or feedback!

-Anniina ❤️